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Intersec Worldwide was built on a foundation of expertise, diligence, and responsiveness.  As a full-service cybersecurity firm, we specialize in rapid-deployment incident response, compliance, and remediation.  Our clients are the largest merchants and Fortune 100 companies in North America, Europe, South America, and Asia.  You’ve shopped in their stores, visited their websites, and carried their cards in your wallet – and we’ve helped to protect the consumer information you’ve provided.

Intersec is proud of our reputation as an industry leader in the digital security space.  We’ve strategically assembled a powerful team of the most well-known, well-respected, and in-demand experts.  Driven by our passion for knowledge and dedication to protecting your sensitive information, we remain on the cutting-edge of emerging technologies, trends, and regulations.

How We Work

At Intersec, we stand behind our client-focused approach to our work.  We choose technology solutions based on their value and effectiveness – never because we are under contract to do so.  While so many others in our industry are driven by product associations, we believe we can offer the best service to our clients by retaining the freedom to choose the technologies that are best-suited for your needs, budgets, and goals. 

Our process is tailored to our clients’ needs, but with every engagement, you can expect to see our 5 Pillars for Data Security:

  • Listen & Assess
  • Analyze & Review
  • Strategize Immediate & Long-Term Responses
  • Execute/ Deploy Powerful Solutions
  • Monitor, Support & Assessment

It’s our calling to go beyond merely fixing the immediate problem.  We earn your trust, value your relationship, and work to become your long-term cybersecurity partner.


Jeff Tutton


Jeff Tutton leads Intersec’s team of innovative security visionaries.  As a highly accomplished cybersecurity expert, he has conducted hundreds of incident response, remediation, and compliance projects for some of the world’s largest companies.

Richard Haag

Vice-President Compliance Services

Richard Haag provides information security consulting and assessment services to a wide range of clients in the payments industry including Transaction Processors, Card Issuers, Financial Institutions, Call Centers, Data Centers, and Merchants.

Todd Bell

VP Digital Transformation Services

Todd Bell has spent his 15-year career devoted to advancing, developing, and driving digital and cybersecurity capabilities through his roles as a transformational technology executive and Chief Information Security Officer for some of the world’s largest public companies. 

Jeni Noriega

VP Business Development

Jeni Noriega leads Intersec’s marketing, sales, and account management strategies – identifying opportunities for growth and implementing initiatives to maximize the company’s reach.  She helps ensure every clients’ needs are met and exceeded.

Some Of Our Certifications


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