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E: [email protected]  P: (949) 270-0504


Immediate Solutions for Data Breaches & Hacks

Discovering that your system has been breached and hackers have stolen trade secrets, sensitive customer information, and other critical data is terrifying.  From the moment you realize you’ve been breached, everything happens quickly.  You’re under pressure to stop the attack, protect uncompromised data, and provide accurate answers all at the same time.

Don’t hesitate.  Your first step is to speak with an expert in incident response. 

At Intersec, we work with corporations and government agencies across the globe to minimize the impact of a data breach, recover from the attack, and prevent future incidents from occurring.  We bring the highest levels of technical expertise to our client’s most complicated situations.  

Not all cybersecurity firms take a full-service approach to incident response – leaving their clients searching for new partners to fix the vulnerabilities that left them exposed in the first place.  The Intersec team is proud to be one of the few firms with the ability and experience to implement effective Remediation Services – providing powerful solutions for our clients until their network is completely secured (and beyond).



Generate a damage report. You know you’ve been breached, but you don’t yet know the level of damage.  Incident Response Deployment begins by identifying the incident scope and assembling the personnel necessary to formulate the most efficient rapid response strategy. Intersec Worldwide builds your Incident Response Team from our trusted network of the country’s leading IT experts, compliance specialists, attorneys, and communication professionals. 

As soon as the plan has been formulated, the Incident Response Team deploys the tools and capabilities for containment.


Stop the hemorrhaging of sensitive data.  Containment focuses on the prevention of further impact and access by the attacker.  With state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies, vulnerable access points are closed, affected equipment is taken offline and prepared for forensic analysis, and security protocols are initiated.  Additionally, safeguards are implemented to prevent any disruption of the Incident Response Deployment.

Once the threat’s progression has been stopped, remediation and eradication plans are developed and put into effect. 


Defeat the threat with real solutions for the root issues.  It’s not enough to identify the problem and stop its progression.  Remediation and Eradication means putting an end to the attack – once and for all.  Powered by the industry’s most reliable experts and most advanced technologies, the Incident Response Team eliminates the attacker’s presence, blocks access, and closes all attack vectors.  Once the network is secure once again, security controls are updated with repairs, replacements, or augmentation, and all of the actions are documented, so you know exactly what occurred and how it was fixed.

After securing the network and eradicating the threat, a plan for sustained security is developed – an essential step in rebuilding trust with your stakeholders.


Establish permanent solutions. With Security Sustainment, the goal is to ensure your organization never gets compromised again.  Following a breach, proactive security planning becomes essential for regaining the trust of internal and external audiences.  With the detailed incident reports and gap analyses developed through the incident response process, you will have the opportunity to maintain improved security for your perimeter, internal network, internal hosts, applications, and data.

At Intersec, we offer a full-suite of Managed Detection and Response services to protect you, your valuable information, and your reputation.



With host-based tools, remote monitoring, and rapid evidence analysis, our Real-Time Forensics gets your operations back to normal as quickly as possible.


Supported by highly specialized technology and historical indicators from past attacks, our Compromise Assessment verifies current or past hacker activity.

Managed Detection & Response

Proactive and sophisticated, Managed Detection & Response combines advanced attack detection & threat hunting with expert incident response & remediation.

Incident Response Remediation

After stopping an attack, IR Remediation implements solutions to fix the vulnerabilities that left you exposed and to solidify your security in the future.


Turning raw data into evidence.  E-Discovery give you the digital support you need to guide your investigation and make informed decisions about your case.


With a full-service suite of Data Breach Services, our expert team prevents breaches, strategizes for rapid response, and supports the litigation process.


If you are concerned about a potential breach or if you are currently experiencing a breach and require immediate assistance, contact us with the information below or fill out the form on this page.

A forensics or compliance expert will get back to you as soon as possible.

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